Volunteer Cordinator: Email:jmlugemwa@gmail.com 
                               Tel: 763-291-1102

General Work

Feeding animals and chickens. There is a piggery project at the orphanage and a students' poultry project at the Academy. You may help with distributing feeds or cleaning the pig pen or chicken coop.

Landscaping: We need to do some landscaping at the school. When it starts raining, they will be planting trees, flowers, and leveling the school yard.

Gardenning. Some days may be spent working in the banana plantation, passion fruit garden, etc. PS. These sites are abo ut 1.5 hours from the host family and about 40 minutes from the orphanage.

Working with the youth. There is a youth group that you may want to get involved with. You may give a seminar presentation on a range of relevant topics. There will be projects with the youth involving helping the elderly in the villages.

What We Do

URF operate: an orphanage, a vocational high school, after school programs, women empowerment programs, child sponsorship, and many more.

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About Us

URF is a 501(c)(3) charity registered in Uganda, USA, and Canada. We focus on education, health, and community development in the most rural areas of Uganda.

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News and Events

- Community Empowerment Seminar attended by 600 people
- 3 new homes built for child headed families.
- Men's group launched.
- Agriculture workshop for August. Business training workshop set for Sept.

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