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Volunteer Program: On Ground Rules

All rules below are based on experience with past volunteers. These simple guidelines are meant for your safety and the smooth running of the programs. Failure to abide with these guidelines may result in termination of your volunteer placement.

Night Time: Please avoid staying out late. At most, you should make effort to return home by 8:00PM. URF is not responsible for your safety while you are out late. It's okay to bring a drink home if you are out drinking and it's getting late. Please be prudent.

Donations: URF is grateful for all donations. It is the policy of the organization to initiate all uses of donated funds themselves or at least approve of their expenditure before such expenses are incurred. Please avoid handing out cash to people you meet in the villages. If you wish to make a donation to a family or individual, please consult with staff before you do so. If you identity an area of need and wish to provide funding for that particular project, please speak with the officials first to understand our priorities. All donation monies should be given to Adrian who will work with other project managers to disburse it on designated projects of your choice and provide accountability

Nazareth Children's Home: Volunteers must go through Adrian or Fred before donating any amount of money to the Home. Please, do not initiate any project at the orphanage without the knowledge and permission of URF staff.

Child Sponsorship: $300 for a year and $100 for each trimester. There are three trimesters in a year. If you identify a needy child/student, please speak with Maureen first to make sure you are not paying for a child that is already sponsored. Any sponsorship money should be given to Adrian.

Monthly Fees: This is NOT a donation to URF; itís for your upkeep while in Kyetume and for needed house supplies. Do not expect tax receipts for the fee. Please pay on a monthly basis in dollars to Adrian.

Drinking Water: Please make sure you finish a bottle of drinking water before picking up another one. Be prudent! Do not distribute this water to children. It is expensive.

Meals: Please let the staff know what kinds of foods you like so they don't keep making the same meals you don't like. If there are some foods you like and know it could be obtained from super markets in Masaka or Kampala, please inform Adrian.

**Be aware that the meals you are getting are actually much better than what a local family enjoys on average. Learning to eat local food is part of the cultural experience.

Drugs: Use of drugs is unacceptable and if discovered, a volunteer will be asked to leave.

What We Do

URF operate: an orphanage, a vocational high school, after school programs, women empowerment programs, child sponsorship, and many more.

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About Us

URF is a 501(c)(3) charity registered in Uganda, USA, and Canada. We focus on education, health, and community development in the most rural areas of Uganda.

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News and Events

- Community Empowerment Seminar attended by 600 people
- 3 new homes built for child headed families.
- Men's group launched.
- Agriculture workshop for August. Business training workshop set for Sept.

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