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Airport and Pickup Info

Booking Travel


It can be a hassle searching for a fair deal on air tickets. If you are having trouble finding a good price, please contact our Volunteer cordinator, John Mary at 804-708-5052 or jmlugemwa@gmail.com to check on alternative sources. We have a travel agency that gives us a missionary travel rate which is usually relatively lower and has some benefits as well.


Some ticket search engines:

- Travezoo: www.travelzoo.com (compares expedia, priceline, and other engines)

- Cheap Tickects: www.cheaptickets.com

- STA Travel: www.travelzoo.com (for students)

- Student Universe: www.studentuniverse.com (for students)


If you’d like to go on formal safaris or visits to parks, with paid guides, while in country, there are two in-country companies that generally offer good rates to foreigners: Chico Travel and Gorilla Tours. Both can be found on the Ugandan Tourism Board’s Website (www.visituganda.com ). Be certain to contact the companies well in advance, especially if you intend on visiting Uganda’s mountain gorillas, as the limited permits to visit go quickly in tourist seasons. Remember that bargaining is standard in Uganda- even with tourist companies.


Arrival-Entebbe Airport (EBB)


Flying into Uganda, you arrive at the Entebbe International Airport (EBB) on the shores of Lake Victoria, about 3 km from the town center of Entebbe. About a 30-40 minute car ride south from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.


If you provide us with your itinerary, we shall arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport. We ask $100 USD to cover car rental and gas. It's a four hour trip from the airport to Masaka. 

Depending on your arrival time, you may have to spend a night in Kampala and then proceed to Masaka the following day. If you are to stay in a hotel, it's your responsibility to find a hotel around Entebbe or Kampalas.


Resourceful webpages - and more at Links page

  1. FCO web page on Uganda - General information & travel advise from the Foreign Office
  2. EnterUganda - A general information site with up to date information on Uganda
  3. New Vision     - A major Ugandan English language newspaper online.
  4. Uganda Holiday- A guide to some of the best companies in the leisure & holiday business.

What We Do

URF operate: an orphanage, a vocational high school, after school programs, women empowerment programs, child sponsorship, and many more.

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URF is a 501(c)(3) charity registered in Uganda, USA, and Canada. We focus on education, health, and community development in the most rural areas of Uganda.

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- Community Empowerment Seminar attended by 600 people
- 3 new homes built for child headed families.
- Men's group launched.
- Agriculture workshop for August. Business training workshop set for Sept.

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